Mindfulness in Intimacy

August 23, 2017

Mindfulness in Intimacy

How do your typical intimate moments begin? Is it a sly wink while brushing your teeth? A poke, poke under the sheets? Is it your “scheduled” day?

As anyone with a busy schedule knows, whether their time is taken up with work, family, friends or all the above, making intimacy a priority can be difficult. Even more challenging is how its approached. From my experience and lots of GNO gossip, it’s typically with less creativity than the average Instagram post.

As a society, it seems more and more, we are losing touch with the mindfulness that is so crucial to a truly fulfilling sensual encounter.                                                                                        ­­­

Which is what makes WARM™ such an appealing investment. More than just a product, WARM™ is offering lovers a paradigm shift in how they approach their intimate moments.   

By simply slipping your pleasure products into WARM™, pressing a button and noticing the tingle of anticipation, you’ve mindfully created an intense arousal response. As the products warm up, the sense of anticipation that has been created is now suddenly a part of the experience to be deliberately enjoyed. The excitement is further heightened by the warmed pleasure products which offer completely new and enhanced sensations. 

Creating new rituals around romance can be both empowering and enriching in terms of your love life. It gives everyone involved a chance to check-in with their thoughts, feelings and urges and then truly participate in that sensual moment.

So, the next time you get ready for a sizzling encounter between the sheets, be sure to grab your WARM™ and invest in the time to bring your true heat to the moment.

Warmly ~

Janine xo