WARM™ is the only heat-based bedroom accessory created with the sole purpose of safely and effectively warming intimacy products for ignited sensual experiences.

Fully adaptable, WARM™ can heat items based on your desired temperature and the experience you crave.  It’s signature Tender Technology™ is compatible with a variety of materials and safe for use with all types of pleasure products including battery-operated and rechargeable. With an average warming time starting at 15-20 minutes, WARM™ can accommodate an array of product sizes and shapes. Its sophisticated design allows WARM ™ to discreetly heat your products while out in plain sight on a nightstand, bathroom counter or even a dining room table.

With a simple push of a button and its soft, purple light, WARM™ turns your bedroom accessories into necessities making it the ultimate choice to elevate and intensify your pleasurable moments through the sensation of heat.

Product Dimensions: 13 x 2.25 x 6.5 INCHES

Box Includes

- Power cord                     - Mini instruction booklet
- Travel tote                       - Universal voltage power adapter

**For international orders, please contact support@experiencewarm.com 

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