Discovering the Sexual Trifecta: Part 2, Sensation

January 23, 2018

Discovering the Sexual Trifecta: Part 2, Sensation

In our last blog post, I touched on the challenges that are sometimes present in relationships and how both WARM and TOUCH can help support new ways to engage with your partner. 

The first chapter in the sexual trifecta was Anticipation and we explored that if you can mentally stimulate your mind and begin to anticipate erotic activity, you are already closer to a more satisfying sexual experience. 

Now that your mind and body have had time to slip into arousal, get ready for entirely new sensations from your pleasure products through the unique addition of heat.

Sensation - There are over 15,000 specific nerve-endings in your body that are completely devoted to pleasure! On their own, they are highly sensitive. Add the right heat, and those nerve-endings start having a pleasure-party of sensations! The sensation of warmth is also key for the muscles involved in pleasure, relaxing, expanding and, receiving. The right heat can even intensify orgasms to a whole new level.

It has been proven that a perceivable heat, above body temperature, creates a heightened reaction to intimate touch. Your body's physical response to pleasure products that have been warmed, is an elevated biological reaction and chemical release (think yummy endorphins!) that amplifies your ability to receive pleasure. WARM™ creates an undeniable physiological reaction that leads to experiencing the most powerful orgasms possible. With time for anticipation to build, the sensation of your muscles contracting against something warmer than your body, it is near impossible to mentally be anywhere else. It has been getting a lot of press lately and it's because it is true, the more your mind is present or “focused” during sex, the more deeply you feel satisfied and the more enjoyable sex is.

Sensation is a whole-being experience. We may have sex with our bodies, but we enjoy it with our minds!

Up next...Connection. 


J xo