Discovering the Sexual Trifecta: Part 1, Anticipation

December 31, 2017

Discovering the Sexual Trifecta: Part 1, Anticipation

Relationships have never been easy. They are worth it, and that is different than easy. Long-term partners understand that relationships take consistent work to keep the connection strong and the sexual chemistry alive. And lack of intimacy can happen to the best of us…busy lives filled with work, kids and everyday stress can easily result in sex taking a back-burner. As couples evolve so do the desires of each partner which can result in frustration if not communicated about properly. 

WARM, the 1st luxury bedroom accessory specifically designed to warm pleasure products, was created by myself and my lover and life partner, LJ. Co-parenting five kids together, we understand first-hand the realities couples face, mentally and physically, when bringing new pleasure enhancement products into the bedroom. Mentally, are both individuals ready and in the mindset for intimacy? If so, how are they communicating about and initiating this intimacy? And when it occurs, is it fulfilling and satisfying?

LJ and I knew WARM™ was a product that could offer a paradigm shift in intimacy by touching on three crucial points: Anticipation, Sensation and Communication. What we experienced that night when LJ first warmed a toy for my pleasure ignited a spark of inspiration so strong it altered our entire relationship and launched an entire company. A company we now run together.

The power of using WARM™ in our own intimacy is a testament to the binding strength of a truly satisfying sex life and the effect it has on the entire relationship.

So, if you're ready, the first step is to choose your or your partner's favorite pleasure product and slip it into WARM™...

Anticipation – The most important part of our body that needs arousing to have the best sex possible, is our mind. Your mind cannot be stimulated enough when you are getting in the mood! By simply slipping your pleasure products into WARM™, pressing a button and noticing the tingling of anticipation, you’ve mindfully created an intense arousal response. Bringing mindfulness, literally, bringing your presence, thoughts, feelings fully into the experience is the most powerful aphrodisiac there is. As the toys warm up, the growing sense of anticipation that builds suddenly is a part of your experience to be enjoyed as fully as the main event! Foreplay has never been easier! 

This is the start of a paradigm shift in how your prepare for intimacy. 

I'm excited to share more about sensation, connection and the powerful effects the Warm, Inc. products can have on these important aspects of your intimate relationships. 

Stay tuned~

Janine xo