Discovering the Sexual Trifecta: Part 3, Connection

March 26, 2018

Discovering the Sexual Trifecta: Part 3, Connection

We’ve now reached the third chapter of the sexual trifecta – Connection. For many, true intimacy is achieved when a special bond is built and there is total acceptance of body, mind and soul.

There is so much vulnerability in sex; you are sharing not only your physical body but your very personal desires, wants and needs. Being able to communicate with your lover is invaluable and yet, at times, challenging.

Communication – Using WARM™ to initiate intimate moments opens up communication that can make for truly satisfying sex; asking for what you want. Couples complain most about this factor when they talk about being dissatisfied in their relationships. Asking for what you want can be one of the most vulnerable parts of being intimate with someone. And not getting what we want and need, has a direct and profound long-term effect on a couple's ability to maintain their sex-drive for each other. Knowing that, still doesn’t make it easier. Warming a toy does.

Warming your toys is an easy and erotic way to show someone what you would like. If you or your partner have been withholding desires about a type of toy or intimacy product for fear of rejection, presenting this product in WARM™ is a gentle way to suggest the type of play you are craving. One of the simplest ways to introduce a new toy is by rolling it into WARM™, setting it on the pillow or nightstand of your lover and pushing the ON button about 15-20 minutes before you’re both ready for bed. The excitement and anticipation from wondering what the toy is not only allows time for everyone to get in the mood at the same time, it is a safe and flirty way to share your wants and needs.

There is no lost in translation when you hand someone a toy that is deliciously pre-warmed. It communicates without having to speak - I want to have fun and feel good together with you! And if date-night happens to be a self-indulgent evening alone with yourself? WARM™ is the ultimate self-care at the press of a button!

This seemingly simple gesture, especially for women, can mean quite the difference in her mindset going into an intimate encounter and that, by far, can be the biggest indicator of whether or not it will be a truly fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

I truly hope I’ve inspired some of you to use WARM™ to support any of your intimacy challenges or enhance an already exciting sex life. WARM™ represents the best of LJ and I and the different approaches humans take when exploring sexuality by themselves and together. Our desire is that anything we’ve learned (which includes how important heat is!) we share openly and honestly so that it may benefit others who on their own journeys.


J xo