We at WARM, Inc. are passionate about heat! We are proud to be a trusted part of elevating your sensual experiences, and excited to bring the heat you crave. Each WARM, Inc. product is created based on our Founder’s dedication to quality, sophisticated and functional designs that deliver hot results.
We bring heat to life.
Our Inspiration
Our Founders experienced that the the feelings, comfort, intense sensations and emotions that warmth evokes can inspire deeper connections, a pathway to shared vulnerability and a literal and figurative opening, both mentally and physically. Since then, WARM Inc. has been devoted to rigorously sourcing new and innovative ways to bring the best and smartest heat experiences to your WARM™ moments.
The Journey
First and foremost, WARM™ recognizes the multi-layered nature of intimacy, both the physical and emotional needs that we need met as humans. While WARM™ may simply be a product, our hope is that this community is here to support you as you navigate your intimate relationships and most importantly, the life-long relationship you have with yourself. We hope WARM™ can serve as a catalyst for moments of true connection…to bring more heat to the hot spots and literally help warm up the cool ones.
Our goal is to be a supportive element as you navigate your own intimacy journey and its many evolutions.