• Be sure to wrap toys snugly and close snaps on the WARM™ for quick and even heating
  • Different materials have different warming times. Ceramic and glass will warm faster while silicone and dense items will require more warming time
  • Experience the different sensations WARM™ creates with all the materials you crave against your skin...silk, nylon, lace and even your favorite lingerie!
  • Smaller items can be placed between the vegan leather and interior lining to maximize interior space for larger products  
  • For most efficient use, place WARM™ on a bed or other soft surface to bolster heating capabilities, versus non-insulating objects such as a counter
  • After removing your items from WARM™, always test the temperature first on a non-intimate body part such as the inside of your wrist or your forearm
  • Store your favorite intimate products in WARM™ between use. In addition to providing  safe and cushioned storage, warming up your pleasure becomes as easy as pressing a button!


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