Wrapping toys tightly in the element will help speed up warming and ensure even heating.

More dense toys, such as stainless steel, glass, and ceramic will warm faster than less dense toys such as silicone and plastics.

After removing toys from your Warm, always test them on a sensitive, non-intimate area first. The inside of your wrist or on your forearm work great.

Closing the Warm clutch and snapping it will help keep heat in, and will aid in warming your toys faster, and will keep them warmer longer.

Do not store the cords and power supply in the Warm clutch with your toys. Extended contact can permanently deform your toys, and it is not sanitary.

Keep your Warm box and use it for convenient storage of your other intimate items.

Uniquely shaped toys are easily stored with handles or ropes toward the opening of WARM.

More dense and smaller items can be placed between the outside of the element and the wrap, and be warmed (clamps, small diameter toys, etc.).

Placing the system on an insulator will help the system heat faster and stay warm longer (as apposed to a granite table top as an example, which is a massive heat sink).