At one point or another, many of us have experienced a long distance relationship. Sure, your friends hate on it, your parents discourage it, and you and your partner were uneasy about it. We get it, and we are committed to help you improve your LDR.

Being in one place while your partner is in another is a real challenge. It’s easy to let frustrations mount and create divisions that can be insurmountable.

But take heart. The long distance relationship can work with the proper care and attention to give you both the satisfaction that you seek. Here are our tips to make things work:

  1. Set Some Ground Rules – Coming up with ground rules to manage your expectations can work wonders in long distance relationships. It’s important not to take the other person by surprise with something so be open from the start.
  2. Talk Regularly – It’s not only great to greet each other “good morning” and good night,” but it’s a definite must. Send each other a video or a photo when you can. It will make your partner feel loved and cared for. Even a little dirty talking is good.
  3. Don’t Communicate Too Much – Sometimes less is more, so don’t call or text him or her 10 times a day. It can make things worse and make it seem like you’re being possessive, so pick your spots and then call.
  4. Avoid Difficult Situations – Don’t go out drinking or clubbing with your friends late at night without telling him or her first. It will make your partner worry or grow suspicious. Avoid hanging out with an ex or office eye candy which could attract similar worries or suspicions. Be open and mindful of these potential pitfalls.
  5. Visit Each Other – Visits are the main course of any long-distance relationship so take the time and visit your sweetie from time to time. With all the waiting and yearning, it’s the time to bring all the fireworks and rainbows back to the relationship.
  6. Do Activities Together – If you can’t be there, take the time to watch favorite TV shows together via Skype or Facetime, or play an online game together or even take a virtual walk together while on a video call. Be spontaneous!

And when you are together, remember to appreciate it. You don’t have to fill all your time doing things. Take time to be alone together. Exercise. Read. Try to do regular activities in addition to those “special” we-are-finally-together dates.

There’s more, but these are the most important tips to follow if you’re planning on a long-distance relationship or are in one now. It’s never easy, but if you follow our advice, you’re ahead of the game!


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