Men have been masturbating perhaps even before they could say their first words. It’s not unique to men or women to pleasure themselves. Nearly all mammals masturbate in one way or another so it’s not unusual in nature.
For men, self-pleasure is a great way to reduce stress, sleep better or simply prepare for sexual activity. The benefits of masturbation are many such as reducing risk of cancer, improving cardiac health and improving stamina and sexual response, among others. So there is no single way to masturbate and it can get a bit rudimentary and not so exciting.
As makers of Warm, we’ve put together a brief guide to masturbation for men to help explore your solo play and bring some variation, whether using toys or your own hand. Here are some tips:
1. Basic Penis Stroke – When you place your hand on your erect penis and stroke up and down along the length of the shaft you will see that it can be enhanced by adding a water-based lubricant and stimulating the head during each stroke. Many lubes will do the trick but we recommend Crème by Wicked Sensual Care.
2. Different Speeds – Experiment with different speeds and different pressure points to achieve orgasm. It may take a little extra effort, but try your non-dominant hand and see how it changes things!
3. Hold off on Ejaculation – You can prolong your pleasure by holding off on ejaculating right away and it will improve your orgasm and improve satisfaction. It will pay off big for you and your partner when you do this during sex.
4. Caress your Erogenous Zones – Use your unused hand during masturbation to caress your hot spots like your perineum, balls, abdomen, neck, shoulders and thighs to bring added pleasure.
5. Use Toys – Check out some sexy toys for solo play like many of the life-like sleeves in the market or a prostate massager like Aneros (our favorite) for anal play. Vibrating cock rings by Screaming O are also great to get those juices um flowing!
Despite the stigma that still surrounds masturbation, we are learning more and more about the health benefits and value of solo play so we encourage you to explore your sexuality both alone and with a partner in a healthy and positive way. With so many toys, lubricants and other products like Warm, there are many ways to enhance the experience and ultimately improve your sex life.

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