Say what you will about period sex – the mess, the cleanup, etc. – its practitioners love it! Whether you’ve tried it or not, it’s something that comes up between couples from time to time and we don’t blame them.

As makers of Warm, we’re all about exploration and experimentation of your wild side and you can’t get wilder than having crazy great sex while there is menses going on. We understand period sex isn’t for everyone. If you’re a woman, you may be worried about spilling or just the ability to relax for sex. But medically speaking, period sex has plenty of benefits and is as natural as sex can get.

So we decided to give you a few things to consider before you decide whether to try it or not:

  1. It Alleviates Cramps – It will reduce your cramps significantly. Orgasms are your natural pain relievers by releasing a hormone that blocks pain and releasing those amazing endorphins!
  2. It’ll Make You Feel Sexier – Periods are all about bloating and cramps so why not try period sex? It will make you feel sexy at a time you generally feel just the opposite.
  3. Period Sex Will Shorten Your Period – The contractions in the uterus from orgasms will flush out the blood and uterine lining, reducing your period by a day or so.
  4. You Won’t Need Lube – One of the big pluses is that your bodily fluids are a natural lubricant during period sex, moreover it’s all-natural and sterile.
  5. You’re More Aroused During Your Period – Orgasms are powerful and the sex is better during your period than not, so why not? After all, you know you’re horny as all get out when that time comes around, so take advantage and have a great time!

Of course, there’s more but be assured that the benefits of getting it on during your period are many, including improving your mood! Experts agree that there is very little downside as long as you put a dark towel underneath before you go to town on your partner and get rid of that ol’ taboo once and for all!

And if you break out your toys, don’t forget to check out Warm to bring a little heat to your toys and your menses adventure!

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