WARM’s patent-pending Tender Technology™ uses a low-voltage, direct current infrared temperature core to safely and effectively heat pleasure products and intimacy enhancers. Its soothing warmth generates nearly zero emissions and instead, syncs with the body’s own electrical system. As a consumer, this means products used with WARM cause less shock to the system and produce a more natural and synergistic response within the body.

Traditional heating solutions such as a standard heating pad generate high voltage, alternating current systems that essentially ping-pong throughout the body. This jolting action causes the heat to emit high levels of electro-magnetic fields which are unsafe and can disrupt your body’s own natural, regulating system.

DIVERSE USAGE: Advanced, Tender Technology™ maintains the integrity of product materials and batteries after multiple uses

CONTROLLED HEAT: Highly engineered with smart sensors that communicate with the controller to allow for an optimum heat balance of up to 130 Fahrenheit across the interior

MAXIMUM PLAY TIME: Depending on the material, pleasure products and intimacy enhancers can retain their temperature for up to 40 minutes outside of WARM®

USER-FRIENDLY: Sleek, functional design uses simple on-off button and features a one-hour, safety auto off