For couples, doing things together is always fun and masturbation should be no different. Mutual masturbation is sexy and has all the potential to add a new chapter to your love life. Here at Warm, Inc., we’ve come up with our own Mutual Masturbation Guide to help you both along on the way to mutual bliss!
If you are a little inhibited by the thought of masturbating in front of your partner, just think of it as part of the foreplay – which it is in many ways. It’s exciting and fun so relax and enjoy this together time! And be sure to follow some of our tips below:

1.) Ask if your partner would like to watch You Pleasure Yourself – It’s particularly sexy during foreplay to involve your partner by inviting them to watch. Then after you reach climax, you can explain what you did and ask them to touch you in a similar fashion.

2.) Playing with Sex Toys – Bring out your sex toys and show your partner which ones you like and why. This is not gender exclusive.  We encourage men to share all their toys and tricks, too – from prostate massagers to masturbation sleeves – show your partner what you like!

3.) Lay Down Facing Each Other – When you are mutually masturbating, it’s especially sexy to actually watch your partner pleasuring themselves. Plus, it’s a good learning opportunity to see what he or she is doing that is making them orgasm.

4.) Take Turns Having Orgasms – In this way, you can contribute to the experience by talking or caressing him or her and helping in the stimulation and ultimate orgasm they experience. Doing this allows you to really focus on one another’s pleasure! And also you can focus on how they like to be touched and caressed. Notice if talking arouses them or distracts them when orgasm is the goal. What works when arousing each other can be different than favorite solo stimulations. Knowing how to best heighten orgasms for each other is definitely “#RelationshipGoals”!

5.) Bring Scented Candles and Aromatic Lube – Adding your sense of smell to the proceedings will make the experience all the more exciting. It builds anticipation while warming up your pleasure centers. Find a scent that arouses you both and make it a staple in the bedroom. Smelling it will become an arousal in itself!

Don’t forget, wearing things that make you feel sensual and desirable affects you, too! Lingerie, naughty undies, shaving or man-scaping, dabbing perfume or cologne all go a long way toward helping you feel sexy, desirable and relaxed while you show your partner how you like to touch yourself. The more you share and reveal to each other the more you’ll be able to support each other’s climax and maybe even move toward orgasm together! And always remember no matter how you “get there” the goal is to share those sexy hormones that create warm feelings of love and appreciation!

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