Masturbation may be a no brainer for some, but when it comes right down to it, it can also be a little complicated. Nobody wants the same old thing all the time, whether you’re referring to food, or pleasuring yourself.

As makers of Warm, we have some tips for women to help explore their masturbatory side and keep things fun and exciting, whether using toys or their own hand. Here are some tips:

  1. Break out the Lube – Sex is always better with lube so it goes without saying that a dab of lube during solo play is wonderful! When you start wet, you finish even wetter. Many lubes will do the trick but we recommend Wicked Sensual Care’s Aqua line – it’s vegan, and paraben free.
  2. Try a Sex Toy – With so many amazing sex toys in the market, make the effort and invest in one that catches your fancy. Whether it’s a glass dildo, a soft rubbery one, a nice vibrator with all the bells and whistles or a big wand, you’ll be able to take your solo play to another level.
  3. Take your Time – Don’t feel as if you have to rush to the airport right after your alone time. Take your time and go slow. By delaying your climax, you can actually make it stronger and longer! So take a minute just before the big finish. Relax then rev things up again and let the fireworks begin!
  4. Bring the Girls Out – The breasts are one of your most sensitive parts of your body – and yes, you can orgasm from nipple play! So, bring the girls out for some fun! You know your body, and it’s okay to be gentle and delicate or rough and strong.
  5. Focus on Your Clitoris – It’s one of the most sensitive places on your body, and when it comes to orgasms, clitoral stimulation plays a big role! If direct touch is too much go around the clitoris, or play with it through the hood of your labia.
  6. Stimulate Your G-Spot – Located just two inches just inside your vagina on the wall underneath your bellybutton, the G-spot can be stimulated manually or with a sex toy. Either way, proper stimulation will bring you to that happy place in short order.
  7. Lose the Guilt – Sometimes a little guilt creeps in during or after your alone time so take a moment to reflect on the simple fact that masturbation is natural and brings great health benefits like improved mood, stress reduction and better sleep. It’s also good for your heart!
  8. Experiment and Share – Take time to experiment and get to know what feels good and share it with your partner! So, unleash those endorphins – another health benefit! – and share!

There’s more of course, like practice your Kegels and strengthen those pelvic and vaginal muscles which will improve your orgasms, as well as break out the porn or written erotica – we love Selena Kitt’s Babysitting the Baumgartner’s series. And don’t stop at just one orgasm! Go for more! If you use toys, be sure to warm them up using our name sake product, because it’s all about making that alone time special. Until next time!


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