Muse, Sales, Account Development

Janine is at the heart of Warm. All that Warm has become started from her experience when her Love, L.J. treated her to the sensations of warmed toys. That very first intimate evening between them launched a product development adventure that has called on skills gained throughout Janine’s 20-year career of independent business development and high end luxury based client service.

For Janine, sales and service are inseparable and that is what makes her contributions such an integral part of Warm’s successes. She operates with a personal standard of providing the absolute best and exceeding expectations. On a continued quest to create precious moments of true connection with those we love and through Warm, Janine has found yet another way to make the world a more beautiful place



CEO, Engineering, Product Development

L.J. spent over two decades in international business before launching Warm, Inc. with his life partner and love, Janine. Inspired by passion, LJ had the romantic notion to surprise Janine one evening by warming her sex toys.  The concept was simple, but the vision was dynamic. Excited to share on his romantic ideas with the world, LJ and Janine worked together to make warming a viable and sensual option for everyone. Today his dedication to innovative design, mechanical engineering, product development, sales and marketing are an integral part of Warm’s success.